Arnold House School

Tucked away at the top of a steep hill
which looks out above the roofs of Llanddulas to the Irish Sea is Arnold House or rather what was Arnold House. It was in 1875 that the Reverend J C C Pipon decided to move his boys preparatory school from Chester to Llanddulas. In 1901 the Reverend Pipon retired and the school was purchased by Mr C P Banks an Irishman.
The boys in their week-day uniform of gray flannel shorts, jerseys and red caps (navy blue suits for sunday services at St Cynbryds Church) became a fairly common site in the village, over the years a number of famous people attended the school, Cyril Cusack the Irish actor, Rear Admiral C B S Bingham VC (won at the battle of Jutland), Geoffrey Fisher who became an Arch Bishop, Arthur Banks GC and many more. Before the advent of the Rev J C C Pipon to Llanddulas, Arnold House was a Girls School, conducted by the Sisters of Mercy.
In 1925 Evelyn Waugh the author joined the staff at the school and it is thought that his stay there inspired the book 'Decline and Fall' , depressed by the Spartan atmosphere of Arnold House he often sought solace in the local hostelry (Valentine).
In 1932 the school was acquired by an Austrian gentleman Mr Fitz-Aucher, about 1936 the school became a limited company and Mr Fitz-Aucher asked parents to invest, unbeknown to anyone the money was used to buy land in Llysfaen to develop a housing estate (Gadlas Estate) unfortunately he ran out of money and was declared bankrupt his misfortune did not end there, he was interned at the beginning of the War as a Nazi sympathizer.
From 1939 to 1941 the school was run by Mr and Mrs Gaskell, between 1941 and its closure in 1943 was run by a Mr Robinson.
Since its closure the school has had a chequered history, a Refugee centre, Night club, Hotel, Flats and is now a Private House.

Arthur Banks G.C.
Cyril Cusack
Evelyn Waugh
Bingham V.C.